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Meet the Artist and Owner

The Artistic Giraffe Owner PictureStephanie O’Connor

Born and raised in New Jersey, Cuban American artist Stephanie O’Connor has been involved in the fine arts for over twenty years. She predominantly works in the medium of painting. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors and bold compositions. O’Connor completed her studies with high recognition and awards at Dalia Condis Fine Arts School and currently is studying at Montclair State University for her Masters in Fine Arts. She has participated in various art exhibitions throughout the state.

O’Connor owns an art company called The Artistic Giraffe. Her art company breaks away from the conventional cookie cutter art experience and allows participants to choose their own unique individual picture to paint. O’Connor lives in Paramus, New Jersey with her loving husband, beautiful daughter, and fun loving pets.

Artist Statement

The Stable Art Gallery 12My art is like a Cuban cigar, one of a kind. My instrument of choice is the paintbrush and I play with colors like Liberace on the piano. My inspirations scream to me their desire to be heard, to be known, and to be expressed. Through my art, I invite a complex thought process to be explored and questions to be risen. I explore the world and challenge it head on.

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