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Where can I see Stephanie O’Connor’s art?

Artwork content may vary at The Artistic Giraffe Art Studio if it is part of an exhibition. This website also contains a database of Stephanie O’Connor’s artwork. More work is regularly being added to the database. The Stephanie O’Connor Database is indexed by medium and series.To navigate the database, simply click a medium from the O’Connor Art drop down menu on the top of the website. Click on the thumbnail image to see a full size picture and to learn more.

Where can I get information on specific Stephanie O’Connor’s artworks?

Refer to the Stephanie O’Connor Art Database under OConnor Art which includes her complete artwork collection. The Stephanie O’Connor Database is indexed by medium and series. If you will like additional information, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to supply you with more information!

Where can I buy Stephanie O’Connor’s artwork?

Artwork can be purchased online in the Art Shop or at The Artistic Giraffe Art Studio.

How can I find out about Stephanie O’Connor?

Under the About Us section named About Artist Stephanie O’Connor gives an outline of her history and “In Her Own Words“, uses Stephanie O’Connor’s interviews as a longer biographical narrative.

Rights and Reproductions?

The Artistic Giraffe and Stephanie O’Connor own the copyright to all artwork created by Stephanie O’Connor, and her artwork may not be reproduced in any way without express written permission from The Artistic Giraffe or Stephanie O’Connor. All rights and reproductions requests should be sent via the Contact Us page.

Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes, this is essential. Making your reservation will guarantee seating for you and whomever will be joining you. We would hate for you to come and not be able to have fun with us!

When are Ceramic Parties / Glass Paint Parties / Paint Parties held?

Our schedule varies week by week. If you are unable to attend any of the currently scheduled Parties, let us know and we will set one up to your convenience. All of our Parties are scheduled by clients who picked the time and date! We work around YOUR schedule!

What should I wear?

As long as you are clothed, you are doing great! We provide smocks to help protect your clothing but art can be messy so please keep that in mind.

“I can’t draw a stick figure!” “I can’t paint a circle” What will happen to me?!

You will transform from a basic caterpillar to an artistically amazing butterfly with a beautiful masterpiece! At The Artistic Giraffe, we guide you through the entire artistic experience so you leave proud of your artwork and with certified bragging rights! Do not worry, you will never be alone and we are here to help you!

What should I bring with me?

We supply everything you need! Just make sure to bring your fun loving self and to invite family and friends… The more the merrier!

Will we all be doing the same exact thing?

No! Absolutely not! … Unless you choose to, of course. At The Artistic Giraffe, our theme is Individuality. Everyone creates their own masterpiece. We have many options to choose from or you can bring what you will like to create or you can just make it all up along the way! The choice is yours. Art is not conformity. It is freedom to express one’s self, explore one’s inner creativeness, and do whatever you want!

What are Ceramic Parties / Glass Paint Parties / Paint Parties?

All three are parties! We celebrate our artwork and talent while having a great time together. We have even heard some break into song! Just relax, come to a Party, and have fun!

Can I schedule a Private Party?

Of course you can! It’s real simple. You just let us know you want to have a Private Party for whichever occasion and that’s it… It’s private! No extra fees. No extra hassle. No handbook of rules to abide by. You just let us know and it’s done. We told you it was simple!

How do I make my reservation?

Contact us by calling, text messaging, emailing, or sending a carrier pigeon! Whichever you prefer!


We are not responsible for any pigeons who may decide to abandon the assignment to hang out on a telephone wire.

We are always available and happy to assist you!